Top 5 Tips For Attaining Business Objectives With Human Resource Management

Transforming businesses is the top priority for enterprises today and human resource management (HRM) can help achieve this objective. From enabling enterprises in dealing with the ever-changing labor market and adapting to disruptive technologies to handling social and political changes, HRM is key to success. A Gartner 2019 Future of HR Survey outlines some key initiatives for successful business transformation. Here is a lowdown.

Building crucial skills and competencies

For any business to remain at par with technological disruption, it is imperative to develop employee skills. This is one area where HRM can help by shortlisting the right candidates and analyzing the performances of existing ones. By switching employee job profiles for balance and hiring new ones to suit other requirements, HRM can strategically align business objectives. It can also develop ‘connector’ managers who are able to use employee-centric approaches to coach and train employees.


Published by Michael Jordan