Onboarding software programs are not created equal

When a business fails to invest in Human Resources, it gets a Personnel Department that earns its keep by juggling a hundred daily duties. It’s asked to function and deliver, so it hires people, runs them through their paperwork, introduces them around, and moves on.
They call this “orientation,” and some do a better job than others. But, you shouldn’t confuse onboarding with orientation, something a harried HR manager can’t handle.
• Orientation is an administrative process that takes new hires though company policies, procedures, safety rules, and the like. It aims to acquaint hires with the company and its expectations and hopefully leave the employee with a feeling of satisfaction at taking the job.
• Onboarding is a strategic process that transitions the new hire into the organization’s culture, purpose, and behavior. It builds relationships that retain employees into the future with training, mentoring, and coaching over six to twelve months.
Orientation is often pushed down to clerks who distribute paperwork and cover a checklist of policies. But, the Onboarding strategy takes monitoring, tracking, and continuing involvement. And, employee onboarding software systems can now run and enhance the process.

5 employee onboarding software programs for your consideration:

We have handpicked the best onboarding software programs in their respective geographic boundaries.
1. BizMerlin has a huge presence in North America and Asia. It dominates the human resources interests at small and medium sized businesses. It’s a comprehensive cloud-based HR solution available through web browsers and iOS and Android devices. While competitive systems claim to onboard employees, they are configured for large companies with big HR data. While they gather, sort, and process all the usual orientation and onboarding forms, they seem less inclined to acclimate and acculturate the new hire. BizMerlin fills that gap with its engaging and user-friendly interactivity. Time is always the heaviest expense in onboarding, and BizMerlin does promise savings through a faster process thanks to the creation, management, and tracking of task checklists. Still, its emphasis on tasks makes it more individualized, and its reports on metrics like hire date, status, and overdue tasks give supervisors meat with which to coach and mentor.

Paperless onboarding by BizMerlin
Paperless onboarding by BizMerlin

Tip: BizMerlin’s onboarding system includes pre-configured forms and supports HR-created forms. User-friendly, accessible, and navigable, the onboarding module makes a quality first impression, engages employees, and encourages retention. And, it relieves HR and employee supervision to work more constructively on new employee assimilation.
BizMerlin pricing starts with a Free Trial.

2. HR Onboard targets businesses with 200 to 2000 employees with an onboarding specific program. That is, it is not a total HR management system, preferring to put its focus on employee onboarding.
HR Onboard organizes forms, manages documents, monitors tasks and notifications, and plugs into other systems like payroll and benefits administration. But, HROnboard also includes the ability to cross-board; that is, it will handle promotions, re-hires, transfers, contract updates, and more without any paper. And, its exit module collects all it needs from departing employees in a respectful way.



Tip: HR Onboard smartly focuses on the onboarding process with user-friendly interface and navigability. The ability to cross-board seems unique among the reviewed systems.
Current pricing for premium package starts at $6,000 with customized packages open to negotiation.

3. Onboard Express has good hold in Australia. It claims to save your business 80% in onboarding expenses while promoting company values, culture, and goals. Forms and contracts are electronically created, reviewed, and issued with e-signatures. Content and access are secured yet accessible from any internet platform. Onboard Express to and across departments improving onboard process visibility through an HR dashboard that reflects task reminders and notification.


Tip: Onboard Express does facilitate the administration of forms for new hires. And, the dashboard shares employee entry. But, it does not focus on employee acclimation to corporate culture and tasks geared to acculturation.
Current pricing starts at $5,000 for start and $35 per onboarded employee.
4. Silkroad Onboarding claims its software “raises the bar and transforms a new hire process into a talent activation and engagement experience.” The Onboarding is part of a comprehensive HRIS program that serves 2000+ large and global businesses. User portals allow access from any location to participate and report on time sensitive tasks. SilkRoad organizes and tracks e-forms and task completion. Employees can even complete their hire forms before their start date. The system automates task workflows based on position, department, and location. And, it lets supervisors and HR monitor performance and engagement. Finally, SilkRoad Onboarding includes an off-boarding package that terminates benefits, secured return of company assets, and revokes system access.


Tip: Silkroad is a well-rated HRIS program, but its sophistication takes some learning curve. The Onboarding functions take some training. Current pricing for the differentiated Onboarding module is difficult to determine although it promises no free trial.

5. ExactHire is a robust recruiting and applicant tracking software. It starts when candidates enter the business website career portal. As they apply, the upload personal documents, answer screeners, and complete skill assessments. ExactHire rank applicants according to predetermined criteria and, then, schedule phone and personal interviews. The system scans for keywords and prompts applicants through the next steps.
That automated tracking mindset runs through their onboarding capability which focuses on completion of auto-populated forms to speed functionality and accuracy.


Tip: ExactHire is an applicant tracking system, and its onboarding really refers to the administration of forms.
Current pricing shows ExactHire pricing fees start at $150 per month, but large employers pay more. There is also a one-time implementation fee to secure a dedicated Client Services Manager.


A true and effective onboarding system needs more than efficiency and expediency. Most reputable HRIS, HRM, and Applicant Tracking Systems complete the administrative tasks associated with new employees.
But, a business is better served by software designed specifically for onboarding new hires into the business culture, systems, and expectations. So, you might not want to overinvest in automation that does not do the job you need done.