Trends impacting human resources and what HR leaders can do

Since co-founding LACE Partners, a UK-based consultancy which specialises in human capital transformation work, Cathy Acratopulo has seen HR undergo an age of rapid evolution. However, judging by her experiences so far, she insists that more is still to come, as the modern labour market faces a period of rapid upheaval.

“As we enter a period of unprecedented turbulence driven by technological innovation, hyper-competitiveness, changing social attitudes and political instability, the stresses on our organisations and the people who work within them are increasing. The HR profession is at a tipping point,” she said.


Pingboard Launches Integration with BambooHR

Pingboard, the startup helping businesses create org charts with superpowers, changing how growing companies and teams across the globe do people planning – announced an integration with BambooHR. Now, BambooHR customers have access to Pingboard’s interactive and always up-to-date org chart. The integration enables automatic data sharing, letting BambooHR customers plan for the future using Pingboard’s org charts – without having to manually input or update data.

“We love having the ability to maintain our records in BambooHR and automatically sync data to Pingboard so our org chart is always up to date,” said Gunjan Kaur, HR Generalist at Genesis Robotics


Tips for a smooth office move

Below, Workthere reveals six tips business owners should consider for a successful and hassle-free office relocation.

1.Ensure you have chosen the appropriate space
When planning to relocate, you need to be confident that your new flexible office space is right for you, your business and your team. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you ask yourself the following three questions: Is this move and new space going to help my business grow? Is this move and new space going to create a better working environment for my team? Will the new office be more cost effective for the company in the long term? If you can confidently answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then you’re making the right decision.