Infographic: How to create the perfect workplace

A better workplace produces better results. You’ll have happier employees who are healthier, more productive, engaged, and loyal. Additionally, your happy employees will go out into the world and act as brand ambassadors, delivering you more customers and more business.
To help you on your way to becoming that perfect workplace, Adecco put together an infographic with their seven tips for creating a great place to work.


The human resources department at any given company has a broad spectrum of tasks and duties on its plate. HR staff might handle new hires, culture, engagement and behavioral or mediation matters, among others. Prairie Business asked four HR experts to share the most common challenges they face, and offer advice on how to handle them

“Our solution to this problem has been sustaining our current staff through strong client relationships and diversifying into new industries. We’ve been fortunate enough to add talented members to our team during this economic downturn through both efforts.”

Five stubborn myths about HR software

There are several false beliefs in the world of HR software. For example:
– HR software is only for companies with lots of employees
– HR software will put me out of a job
– HR software will make my job too difficult
– HR software costs too much for smaller companies
– HR software means my staff all need PCs

If these were actually true, then I wouldn’t blame you for burying your head in the sand and staying in the dark age of spreadsheets and paper forms. But the trouble is, they’re not. So today, I’m going to help you bust each of these misconceptions for good.