How Workday Focuses on Improving Its Workplace Culture Every Day?

Karina Sobhani interviewed with 20 or so companies after completing her undergraduate degree in computer science at Cornell several years ago.

One of those businesses stood out—for the way it combined tech with a human touch.

Sobhani says the Pleasanton, Calif.-based software firm Workday won her heart by asking about more than her mind at that first interview.


Tata Power human resources chief resigns

NEW DELHI: Tata Power Ltd’s chief human resources officer Jayant Kumar has resigned from the company, citing personal reasons. Confirming the development, the company said the post is being filled by Himal Tewari, the current vice president for group HR at Tata Sons.


5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use HR Management Software

The development in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Augmented Reality and other Technology branches are the key driving forces in today’s business world. ‘Human Resource Management’ in particular has greatly benefitted with the digitization and automation of the processes.

From Recruiting and hiring to connecting teams, managing resources, and redressing grievances, HR management software has changed the way of conventional Human Resource Management. Smart HR management has become quintessential for modern entrepreneurs to ensure their success and growth.


Human resources will now be fronted by AI: Here’s how

The world, as we know it, is going through rapid technological innovation and disruptions across all industries. This technological boost is being termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The trailblazers leading the revolution are game-changing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Engineering, and Cybersecurity, among others. These technologies have revolutionised the way business processes are carried out in organisations.


Zoho partners with National Skill Training Institute to offer coding course

CHENNAI: Business applications provider Zoho has signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Skill Training Institute, a body under the Ministry Of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship (MSDE) to offer a course on coding. Through the MoU, NSTI will offer a course in Zoho Creator, a low-code programming platform.
The company said in a statement that anyone with knowledge of basic programming concepts could enrol for the course called ‘Create and Operate Business Apps,’ which will be taught by Zoho Creator’s training partner, ITK Education Services.

The 6-day long course will be split into two parts—36 hours will be dedicated to training the students on how to use Zoho Creator for building applications and 12 hours to soft skills training.


Top 4 HR Trends for 2019

It’s a good time to think about what we can look forward to in 2019. When it comes to HR and the world of work in general, here are four trends you should stay on top of in 2019.

It’s time to think about what we can look forward to in 2019. The world of work has been going through some massive changes, like the rise of the gig economy, increasing use of artificial intelligence, and the scary fact that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. How can one prepare for the unknown?

Before you start thinking about how you will reskill, here are the top four trends you should watch in 2019.


5 critical issues facing HR directors in 2019

If you’re an HR professional, your skills matter now more than ever.

Unemployment levels are low and companies are becoming more competitive with salaries and perks for new employees. Savvy HR directors must shift with the times in order to retain employees and make strong new hires.

I asked HR managers and directors what they found were their biggest challenges. The following are five key takeaways every business leader should consider, because this doesn’t just affect the human resources department – it will affect your entire company.


5 Underrated Skills That Will Take You To The Top In Human Resources

It’s no mystery that with the new era of workers, human resources is challenged with redefining their skillset. The new generation of workers is transforming the workforce forcing businesses to create new strategies creating a more personalized connection between employers and employees and a more automated approach to the routine tasks.

Here are the five underrated skills human resource professionals should be tapping into to create more engaging candidate and employee experiences.


Zoho offers AI-powered data auto-blending platform

Zoho, an operating system for business, has released its most advanced self-service business intelligence and analytics platform yet, unleashing the power of data blending and artificial intelligence (AI).

Zoho Analytics enables organizations to analyze massive amounts of data in a much more efficient way and derive cross-functional business insights, a company statement said.


Women replace men as HR heads in 60% companies

MUMBAI: The corner office for human resources in India Inc, occupied by the chief HR officer (CHRO), has witnessed an interesting shift with more women replacing men.

Xpheno, a specialist staffing firm, mapped 200 movements of women HR officers over the last few years and found that they had replaced a male incumbent as an HR head in over 60% cases. This indicates stronger action by companies to meet their diversity and inclusion (D&I) requirements, especially at leadership levels, albeit through the HR department.